A Mom Celebrates the 2nd Birthday of her son with Down Syndrome by Sharing Some Insights She Has Learned Over the Past Two Years

When Amanda’s newborn son was diagnosed with Down syndrome, it was a scary time. She knew very little about individuals with the condition and what she did know turned out to be false. After two years of being a proud parent of a son with Down syndrome she shares three insights that she wishes she knew before starting this crazy and rewarding adventure. The first of these relates to what to say when you hear that someone’s baby has Down syndrome. She recommends saying anything that you would say to a parent with a typically developing baby. Second, she discusses how to treat a family with a child with Down syndrome. Once again, she recommends treating them the same way you would treat a family with typically developing kids. The last of the three is about what Amanda wants others to know about being a parent of a child with Down syndrome. This article promotes the idea that kids with Down syndrome and their families may need a little extra support, but they are just like any other family and should be treated as such. Read the full post here.


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