To build a future for their son, a Dallas couple plans to spend $12 million on a community for young adults with autism

A Dallas couple is planning to spend 12 million dollar on a 29 acre community for people with autism. The couple was inspired to construct this community by their now 19-year-old son who has autism. Their son is on the severe end of the autism spectrum and thus requires a high level of support. The community is going to be built on a former polo ranch. It will include 15 homes, a community center and access to a ‘transitional academy’ to teach individuals with autism life skills. The couple leading the construction consists of Clay Heighten and Debra Caudy. In October 2015 they invested $745,000 to purchase the land and created a non-profit called “29 Acres” to raise the rest of the money. Read more about “29 Acres” and the amazing community that they are creating here

Nava SiltonComment