How Realabilties came to be!

In June of 2010, Realabilties came into being! Prof. Nava Silton assigned her Graduate Child Development students at Fordham University a creative final assignment and decided to complete the assignment herself, as well. The result was the blueprint for: Realabilites! With the wisdom, creativity, insight and support from her graduate students at Fordham University, her talented undergraduate Research Assistants at Marymount Manhattan College and the skills of comic book artists, graphic designers, animators, composers, editors and producers, Realabilities was born! 

Our big idea: To create a fun, educational space to teach about disabilities and to showcase the wonderful talents and strengths that many individuals with disabilities possess. To open young minds to the notion that we are all complex, multifaceted beings with unique skill-sets, interests and personalities and a disability is only one aspect of someone’s being. To recognize the seeds and devastating outcomes of bullying and to be motivated to stand up to bullies and be an instigator for positive change in the world.

At our headquarters in New York City, we’ve composed an incredible team of professionals from the worlds of animation, technology, family entertainment, publishing, psychology, education, and disabilities education.

Since we care about children and understand the concerns of parents and teachers, we’re infusing teachable moments in places that matter most!


Fun: Our comics are fun and help bring children, peers, siblings, parents, caregivers and educators together! Children love the appealing medium of graphic novels and television and enjoy the beautiful animation.

Family Time: As a thoughtful company, we see our show and comics as an opportunity to deliver not only an appealing and entertaining experience for children in the home, but an enriching and educational one, as well.

Educational Experiences:  This show and comic book series is unique in that it was created and initially conceptualized by a Developmental Psychologist (Silton), specializing in Child Development, rather than by an animator, producer or writer. While entertaining, each aspect of the show and comic book series offers an educational and developmentally appropriate lesson that children recognize and cherish.

Kid-Tested: Realabilities comics are tested by kids and educational experts to maximize their functionality and delight. Over 450 children have tested out Realabilities and all have asked to view the upcoming episodes and graphic novels! This program is filling a niche that other shows and comic book series have yet to tap.

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— Mahatma Gandh