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Play Nice

Realabilities Shop

Realabilities is a children’s television show and comic book series, which features a variety of strong and unique characters, each with a distinct disability.  Each episode presents a social story that heralds a pro-social stop-bullying message to viewers and allows the audience to participate in thrilling mysteries and adventures throughout the school day. Through this multimedia format, episodes and graphic novel iterations of the show serve to enhance the sensitivity, understanding and interest of typically developing children towards children with disabilities. By engaging typically developing students, we hope to foster positive attitudes and behavioral intentions of typical children towards individuals with disabilities. Moreover, we hope our viewers and readers recognize that disability is only one small portion of the incredible individuals we have an opportunity to meet in this series

Play Nice

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play nicecover.jpg

Play Nice


Silton, N.R., Gomez, C., & Arucevic, S., & Santamaria, J. (2013). Realabilities.

Dozens of students try out for the school play. Some sing operatically, some in different languages, some dance and then there is Alex. Alex, despite her pleasant voice, is jeered at by her fellow students and, therefore, performs poorly at her audition. Melody and the Realabilities team take Alex under their wings to save Alex and the school play.

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