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Educational Entertainment

Realabilities: A New Puppet Musical

Launched Winter 2016

Realabilities, A New Puppet Musical introduces five characters with disabilities (Autism, ADHD, Physical Disability, Visual Disability and Hearing Disability) who harness their special strengths to help their friend Uno, with Autism, compete in a rigorous school district math competition. Amidst this feat, the characters work to transform the inaccurate and stereotypical perceptions the school bullies have of their peers with disabilities in the school. Realabilities uses Avenue Q Style Puppets and riveting original music to celebrate the wondrous abilities within disability in a humorous, charming and beautiful way!

Realabilities, A New Puppet Musical has already been accepted to three festivals, the first of which is the Reelabilities Film Festival on March 4, 2017                                                                                                                                                                

Concept and book by Nava R. Silton, Ph.D

Music and lyrics by Bonnie Gleicher

The Realabilities App is on its way!!

The App is intended to introduce each Realabilities character and to highlight his/her special strengths. The App will then harness those special strengths by challenging the user to a variety of games  which make use of those special strengths. For instance, users will have to use Uno’s keen math skills to succeed at Math Doors, Melody’s perfect sense of pitch and rhythm for crafting their own compositions and Lexxy’s top-notch baking skills to prepare the correct ingredients for a bake sale. The App reminds its users about the special strengths of each character with a disability and allows the users to have a ton of fun along the way!


The following episode was the first attempt to showcase the beautiful talents and skills of the Realabilities Team, Uno with Autism, Melody with a Visual Impairment, Seemore with a Hearing Impairment, and Rolly with a Physical Impairment on-screen. The school soccer game challenges the Realabilities Team and their good friend Ezra to harness their special talents to not only represent their strengths on the soccer field, but to teach their fellow peers a thing or two about bullying and about disabilities, more generally. While future episodes will move quicker,and will offer a bit more humor and character development, this first episode hints at the heart and soul of Realabilities' Mission; offering viewers accurate and strengths-based disability information and a strong stop bullying platform to ensure that they better understand and appreciate their typical friends and their friends with differences alike.